Import Sony NEX-VG10/VG20/VG30 AVCHD MTS file to iMovie on Mac OS X Mavericks

Description: If you want to edit AVCHD .mts files shot by Sony NEX-VG10/VG20/VG30 smoothly in iMovie, here is right for you. Go to following article to get the instruction.

Sony NEX-VG10/VG20/VG30, which offer excellent image and video quality with interchangeable-lens systems, capture footages in both AVCHD format high definition video and MPEG-2 format standard definition video. Most users prefer to choose AVCHD format in order to get high quality videos. However, many users will face the similar issue about editing in iMovie on Mac OS X as below:  

"I'm strictly an amateur hobbyist hoping to make some good videos for a hugely popular blog. I wanted to convert the AVCHD 60p clips from my recently purchased Sony NEX-VG10 to a Mac friendly format for editing in iMovie." 

That is probably because the AVCHD .mts files cannot be recognized by iMovie. In this case, we can count on third-party software to transcode them to a compatible format for iMovie. Here comes Pavtube MTS/M2TS Converter for Mac, a professional tool for converting MTS/M2TS files to a variety of video formats. It will help to transcode AVCHD .mts files to iMovie friendly AIC codec, which is intermediate format that features high performance and quality, being less processor-intensive to work with on Mac OS X. With it you are able to edit AVCHD .mts files in iMovie smoothly and then share a better video with friends or post the edited videos to blog. Now follow me to learn how to convert Sony NEX-VG10/VG20/VG30 AVCHD .mts files to iMovie compatible format on Mac OS X Mavericks.

You are free to download the program and install the best MTS to iMovie Converter on your Mac. Then go to the guide here:

Step 1. Load .mts files from Sony NEX-VG10/VG20/VG30.

Connect Sony NEX-VG10 camera to Apple computer via USB cable, find the .mts files from the camera folder like PRIVATE > AVCHD > BDMV > STREAM. Then copy and transfer the .mts files from camera to the Apple hard drive disk.

Run the easy-to-use and cheap MTS/M2TS to iMovie Converter for Mac, click "Add video" or "Add from folder" button to load AVCHD .mts videos. You may also directly drag and drop the AVCHD .mts video to application UI for importing files.

Tips: You can joint multiple AVCHD files on to one output file by checking Merge into one file on the interface. 

Step 2. Select AIC MOV format for iMovie.

Click the "Format" option and you can find many output format here. You are recommended to select "Apple Intermediate Codec(AIC) .mov" under "iMovie and Final Cut Express" because it best compatible format for iMovie. The Mac AVCHD to iMovie Converter will convert NEX-VG10/VG20/VG30 AVCHD MTS to MOV with 1920x1080 resolution and AIC as video codec.

Step 3. (Optional) Adjust output settings and edit the video.

Settings: You are allowed to change the parameters of video and audio, such as Size, Bitrate, Frame Rate, etc.

Edit: Here you are able to edit the video before conversion. You can cut off the unnecessary part of the video in Trim, crop the video, add watermark or 3D effect, attach subtitle(srt, ass, ssa) and so on.

Step 4. Convert AVCHD to iMovie.

Click "Convert" button to start converting Sony NEX-VG10/VG20/VG30 AVCHD MTS to AIC MOV on Mac and then click "Open" button to locate the generated mov files for iMovie. Now, you can import video files to iMovie to edit.


If you want to import Sony NEX-VG10/VG20/VG30 AVCHD MTS to Final Cut Pro for editing, only need to change step 2, choose "Format > Final Cut Pro > Apple ProRes 422 (*.mov)" as output format, or you can also refer to the guide.

3. If you want to convert more videos in different formats, you could try iMedia Converter for Mac, which is capable of converting both various HD videos and latest DVD and Blu-ray on Mac(Mavericks and Mountain Lion included). You are also allowed to 1:1 backup the whole discs or copy BD/DVD main movie for further playback or editing. 


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