[HOW TO] Extract .sup subtitles (PGS) from M2TS stream with tsMuxeR

tsMuxeR, a freeware developed by SmartLabs for users to create TS and M2TS files for IP broadcasting as well as for viewing at hardware video players (i.e., Dune HD Ultra, Sony PS3 and others), can not only create Blu-ray file structure based on loaded M2TS streams, but also extract HD audio and PGS subtitles (.sup) from M2TS streams. The following guide shows you how to extract PGS .sup subtitles from .m2ts file. (Learn how to rip Blu-ray to .m2ts streams)


Guide- Demux/Extract PGS subtitles from M2TS stream with tsMuxer

1. Load .m2ts streams to tsMuxer.
2. Uncheck video and audio streams from Tracks.
3. Select Demux mode.
4. Browse to where you’d like to save the subtitles.
5. Start demuxing M2TS file and extracting .sup subtitles from M2TS.

It doesn’t take long to demux PGS subtitles from .m2ts stream. After the process completed you get .sup subtitles tracks in different languages- as there are multiple subtitles in a Blu-ray movie.

You can then convert the .sup subtitles to .srt, .sub, .ass, .ssa, etc for use withSuprip (guide-convert .sup to .srt), which is also a freeware. Anyway, this is not an ideal solution for keeping Blu-ray subtitles for HD media players, as there are multiple many .m2ts streams in one Blu-ray movie. Even though the files can be loaded in batch, you’ll have to sort out the subtitles files to make sure they are paired with each .m2ts stream (by renaming them).

A better way to get Blu-ray subtitles read by HD players is ripping the whole movie to MKV with subtitles converted to .sub (tex subtitles format).

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