Stream stored movies on a USB stick to Roku 3 for playback

This post will give you the easiest solution to rip Blu-ray and DVD to Roku 3 for playing and streaming, then I can move them to my Kindle Fire, and iPhone 5S using a USB stick when traveling.

The Roku 3 is a mighty streaming video machine, with channels offering movies and shows from most major streaming providers, including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and HBO Go. The Roku Media Player channel enables you to play back personal video, music and photo files from a DLNA server on your local network or a USB drive attached to a USB equipped Roku. But you don't have to rely on the Internet to play videos on your Roku 3 —you can do it from a USB stick.

The following media file formats are supported:

Video — MKV (H.264), MP4 (H.264), MOV (H.264), WMV (VC-1, firmware 3.1 only)
Music — AAC, MP3, WMA, FLAC (firmware 5.3 and later), WAV (firmware 5.3 and later)
Photo — JPG, PNG, GIF (non-animated)

Only supported file types are shown in the Roku Media Player channel.

Now I want to rip and store movies on an external hard drive and then plug my external hard drive in my Roku 3 and use Roksbox app. Then I can easily stream my movies onto my Kindle Fire, and iPhone 5S for watching when traveling using the USB stick. I have purchased DVD-123 about 10 year ago, but it can't deal with latest discs now and I'm looking for a perfect BD/DVD ripping & coping tool for me.


Hot SearchStream 3D Movies to Apple TV 4|Playable File Format for Apple TV | Roku Supported File Formats | Play MP4 Video on Roku

Seeing many reviews on Google and get recommendations from the Roku Forum, I find Pavtube BDMagic which is an ideal tool to help me stream stored movies on a USB stick to Roku 3 supported MKV/MP4 format for playback. With this app, I cn remove the Blu-ray/DVD disc protection. With its clean interface, fast converting speed and good video quality, converting Blu-rays to MKV/MP4 will be simply finished within a few clicks. Refer to the guide below for how to rip blu-ray to MKV/MP4 to play via Roku 3 streaming media player.

  • The app is also available for Mac OS – Get BDMagic for Mac if you work with OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7/10.8/10.9.

FYI: If you want to keep all the audio tracks (language) and soft subtitles, here’s another choice for you: Blu-ray/DVD Converter Pro.

Refer to DVD & Blu-ray Ripping Tools:

How to convert Blu-ray to Roku 3 playable MKV/MP4 format

1. Launch the highly recommended Blu-ray to Roku3 Ripper. Insert your Blu-ray movie to disc drive, and click “Load Disc” button on Pavtube Blu-ray Ripper interface to load Blu-ray from ROM; it also support importing Blu-ray ISO and Blu-ray folder.

2. Select the main title and set subtitles/audio language you'd like to preserve.

3. Select a format for conversion. To convert Blu-ray to MKV/MP4 video, press on "Format" and choose "MKV(Matroska) Video (*.mkv)" or "H.264 Video(*.mp4)" format from "Common Video" option.

4. Start ripping Blu-ray movie to MKV/MP4 for Roku 3 playback.

5. After conversion completes, press "Open" to locate resulted MKV/MP4 files. Copy these MKV/MP4 videos to USB stick.

The Roku 3's USB port opens up the option of playing video files from any USB drive, whether that's a USB stick or a full portable hard drive.

Here's how to play a video on your Roku 3 from a USB drive.

1) Install the Roku Media Player channel, either through the Channel Store on your Roku or via Roku's website.

2) Add the video file to your external USB drive from your computer. The Roku 3 can play MKV, MP4 and MOV files.

3) Connect the USB drive to the Roku 3's USB port, located on the right side of the box.

4) Launch the Roku Media Player channel and select Videos.

5) Choose the drive that's attached to the Roku 3.

6) Navigate to the folder that has the video file you want to watch. Click OK to open the folder.

7) Select the video to watch and click Play on the remote.

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