Top 10 Free 3D Modeling Applications

Want to get into 3D modeling without spending a lot of money? These free programs have incredible functionality without costing you a penny. 

A 3D model is usually originated on the computer by engineer using some kind of 3d modeling tools. Creating 3D models is not easy and the software alone can cost a fortune Therefore, we thought it might be interesting to check out the availability of open source 3D modeling tools out there. Crawling from sites to sites, reading through end users comments and feedback, we bring you top 10 Free 3D Modelling Applications You Should Not Miss to help you access 3D modeling in 2014.

1. Blender

Bender is a free, open-source program with an absolutely huge list of features. From modeling to sequence editing, Blender will allow you to create entire 3D worlds. It is extremely versatile and can be used for many different functions such as texturing, rigging, animating, and rendering. At the grand price of zero, this is a great program and you do not want to miss it.

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2. Google Sketchup

Google SketchUp is software that you can use to create, share and present 3D models. Whether you want to design a new deck for your house, build models for Google Earth, or teach geometry to your fifth-graders, you can use SketchUp to see your ideas in 3D. And when you’re done, you can export an image, make a movie or print out a view of what you made.

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3. AutoQ3D Community

AutoQ3D Community is an easy, light and fast 3D model editor tool that uses the full power of your PC´s graphics hardware, allowing you to rapidly prototype your 3D designs. Its interface is intuitive and easy to use and provided at no charge. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License so it will be free to use, modify and distribute within any educational, professional or commercial purposes.

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4. 3D Canvas

3D Canvas is a real-time 3D modeling and animation tool that incorporates an intuitive drag-and-drop approach to 3D modeling. Want to add a sphere? Just find it in the last, drag it over into your creation, and then scale it to the appropriate size.

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5. DesignWorkshop Lite

DesignWorkshop is a three-dimensional modeling program for architectural design and related endeavors. However, this program has a vast amount of flexibility and can be used for nearly everything that operates in 3D. Few other design programs are as good at overall flexibility.

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6. K3DSurf


K3DSurf is a program to visualize and manipulate Mathematical models in three, four, five and six dimensions. K3DSurf supports Parametric equations and Isosurfaces. K3DSurf can be used by every one interested in 3D Mathematical drawing functions and don’t require any special competences by users.

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7. Bishop3D



Bishop3D is an interactive modeler and animation tool to help users create highly realistic images and 3D models with ease. It allows you to model the scenes interactively and it will automatically generate the correspondent POV-Ray SDL script. It offers native keyframe animation support, POV-Ray SDL import and a powerful texture editor.

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8. FreeCad


FreeCAD is a basic 3D CAD with advanced Motion Simulation capabilities. It is suitable for anyone interested in learning 3D CAD and Motion Simulation for free before using more sophisticated packages. Its motion simulation capabilities are comparable to the best and can provide accurate answers to engineers and scientists in diverse fields.


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9. 3DPlus


With 3DPlus you can create outstanding 3D designs in just a few minutes – with no need for any complicated VRML or other programming. 3DPlus is the amazing 3D design software that enables you to create stunning 3D graphics for your home, school or business – no experience required!

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10. Anim8or


Anim8or is a 3D modeling and character animation program which allows users to create and modify 3D models with built-in primitives such as spheres, cylinders, platonic solids, etc.; mesh-edit and subdivision; splines, extrusion, lathing, modifiers, bevel and warps,
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