Best Free AVI Players for Mac Review (Mavericks & Mountain Lion Included)

Have plenty of AVI videos for playing? Find the top 3 free AVI Player in this article.

The AVI was originally created as a file format to contain nearly any kind of codec (compression/decompression algorithm) of that era. Unfortunately, like any uncompressed format (even more so today, with high-definition (HD) and even higher resolution formats used in professional video), this would produce very large files, requiring fast hard disk drives (HDD) and fast computers to keep playback smooth without dropping frames or having audio synchronization issues. 

play avi on mac

Hence, it's natural that QuickTime doesn't support the AVI files in its native file formats. Then you will need a decent AVI player which directs at this powerful container format. So here, I'll introduce these top 3 free AVI players for Mac (Mavericks & Mountain Lion included) to help you get AVI videos playable in your Mac OS X with ease.

Which is the best Free AVI Player allowing you to play AVI videos?

1. VLC Media Player 

VLC Media Player

The VLC Media player (often called simply "VLC") is a free, widely-used player that can decode and play AVI files with a minimum of effort. This means that you most likely will not have to install any extra codecs or filters, depending on what your streams are. Besides, choose VLC as your AVI player, you can organize and operate AVI video's multiple video/audio/subtitle tracks in a decent way.

Somehow, VLC Player lacks user friendly interface, and though armed with advanced features but it is just too complicated to handle with them. Other than the Mac OS X, it's also compatible for use on the Windows as well as Linux operating systems.

2. MPlayer


MPlayer works wonderfully to play AVI files, and the interface closely matches QuickTime Players black minimalist theme. Performance was excellent too. And it's available free on the Mac App Store.


Play Blu-ray movies in MPlayer with all audio and subtitle tracks

3. RealPlayer Cloud for Mac

RealPlayer Cloud for Mac

New cloud service for videos with an easy-to-use app. Store, Play, Copy and Share your favorite videos. What's more, you can just upload videos of any format to the Cloud. And it will automatically adjust them for your device type, screen size, network bandwidth, and have them ready for you to play. It just works, on all your devices.

Which is the best? That’s up for debate. For general versatility, VLC is a must-have app for all computer users, and it has changeable interface. Mplayer is really giving it a run for it's money, however, it require little CPU memory usage. And RealPlayer Cloud is great as it can be taken as an automatic Video Converter, but you need to pay more if you want to get more than 25GB storage.

Tip: Want to play AVI videos on Mac(Mavericks & Mountain Lion Included), but don't like to install extra media player? An quick workaround I find to solve the issues is to convert the AVI movies to common formats (like MOV, M4V, MP4, etc) to fit media player like QuickTime with Pavtube Video Converter for Mac- An Alternative AVI Player.

Video Converter for Mac

Overall, this program works successfully in AVI conversion even you have a bunch of large AVI files. I have tried it to encode AVI to MP4/MOV, it turns out playing AVI files smoothly and at original quality. It's the best AVI player alternative software application. What's more, this converter also supports converting many of other video formats like AVI, MKV, WMV, FLV, MPG, etc.


And an internal editor in this converter can help you edit your video clips whenever you want, from adjusting sharpness to contrast as well as trimming or deleting unwanted scenes. Try out a few and see which fits your needs. Enjoy your AVI movies on Mac now (Mavericks & Mountain Lion Included)!     


You can also copy your Blu-ray Collection to Mac/Tablet/Phone/HD Media Players for playing, rip DVD on Mac and convert Sony F5/F55 4K XAVC to MOV for QuickTime player on Mac.

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