Copy DVD Collection for using in HTPC and watching on XBMC with AC3 5.1 sound

Want to copy DVD Collection for using in HTPC and play on XBMC player with ac3 -5.1 sound? Please find the final solution in this guide. 

I'm a newbie on XBMC and HTPC..... I will be start collecting DVD movies and ripping/copying them to my HTPC in living room, then it can easily played on XBMC Player. Any detailed workflow recommend? Plus, I prefer to keep my Dolby Digital AC3 5.1 audio.


HTPC is powerful with many different videos, for example to play videos like .mp4, .m2ts, .mkv videos supported by with VLC media player. However, the DVD movie does not play. To copy DVD collection onto HTPC without artifacts, you need to rip these DVDs to HTPC supported video formats.

Here Pavtube ByteCopy is such a Blu-ray & DVD backuping/coping/ripping application to help you out. Acted as the best DVD to HTPC converting tool, it’s a breeze to access and enjoy your DVD movie with AC3 5.1 surround sound out. Now I have successfully ripped some DVD's and it really worked Very well.

The Mac version is ByteCopy for Mac. The following passage shows a best way to convert a Blu-ray Disc for HTPC and play on XBMC with ac3 -5.1 sound.

To begin:

Launch the program and add the movie you want to encode by clicking the “Load file(s)” icon on the main interface. You can see the chapter information of your DVD movies on the main interface after you loading to the program.

dvd to htpc converter

Then choose the output format. According to XBMC/HTPC supported format, you can choose some play common multimedia formats like "H.264 HD Video(*.mp4)" or "MKV HD Video(*.mkv)" from "HD Video". 

htpc xbmc supported format

And to rip 5.1 DVD video files without quality loss, you can click “Setting” and from “Channels” dropdown menu choose "5.1 channels" to keep or adjust 5.1 sound. 


If you have some 5.1 WAV, you can also encode these 5.1 WAV video to 5.1/Stereo AC3. 

get ac3 5.1 audio

The last thing you need to do is hit the “Convert” button to copy DVD to H.264 MKV/MP4 format. Just wait a moment and then you can output videos with AC3 5.1 sound preserving. Then you can copy the result files onto HTPC and get onto XBMC for watching. Have a fun of it!    


For disc lovers, you can also learn how to backup Blu-ray/DVD to Media Streamer for watching on HDTV, store on Roku 3 for playback via a USB stick or stream to NAS device for Xbox 360 (Slim).

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