How to Flip Video in iMovie and find iMovie alternative editors

Stay here and learn how to flip video in iMovie and if iMovie does not meet your needs, we will introduce you two alternatives to iMovie for flipping video.


iMovie gives you lots of functions to edit your photos and videos so as to make them look better, and flipping a video does not seem to be so difficult with an intuitive turtorial.

iMovie flip video

At first, it necessary to know why would you flip a movie?

In general video edition, flipping a video can be useful to achieve some camera effects and lets you subtly change the impact of the visual image. For example, if the movie shows motion, having it move from left to right makes it seem natural (since we read from left to right). Flipping the motion so it moves right to left will make the motion seem slower.

How to flip video in iMovie?

1. Open the project you want to work with in iMovie or create a new project. You can only flip movies when they are in projects--you cannot flip the original clip.

open project

2. Drag the clip into the project.

drag the clip

3. Move the cursor over the clip, and a menu with a gear appears on it.

a menu appears

4. Click on the "Gear" menu and a pull-down menu appears. Choose "Clip Adjustments" from this menu.


5. An "Inspector" window appears. Click on the big button labeled "None" next to "Video Effect."


6. Click on "Flip," which is the second from the left on the top row. You can move your cursor over the clip to move back and forth through the clip with the effect applied, so you can preview what it will look like.


7. The "Inspector" window appears again, only now "Flipped" appears next to "Video Effect." Click on the "Done" button in the lower right corner to finish.

Note: The flipping effect only works for the selected scene, and the remaining clips will keep their original formats, then you need to do this over again for each clip that you want to flip.

An Alternative to iMovie to flip video

Although Movie is pretty good at what it does, it is not a secret that iMovie lacks some compatibility when compared to its competition. Then you need to get your hands in a decent iMovie alternative to flip your video.


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Here, Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac is your right option which is an easy-to-use video converter and editor for Mac to encode, edit and create your own video. 

Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac
  • Effortlessly edit videos and audio to look amazing.
  • Trim, crop, flip and rotate videos to achieve the best overall result.
  • Remove background music or add SRT/ASS/SSA subtitles your video.
  • Blu-ray/DVD and video format that iMovie can't accept can be successfully loaded.
  • Get free DVD Creator for Mac at Halloween Buy One Get One Free Promotion to burn to DVD.

And when using with iMovie, you can easily export your finished videos into iDevices such as the iPhone or your iPad or even save them as video in QuickTime format.

Another video editor for Mac: Turn Yout Video into a Masterpiece like Magic

Here Pavtube Media Magician for Mac as iMovie Alternative for Mac, supports handle all videos, including AVCHD, MTS, MP4, MOV, AVI, MOD, RMVB, VOB, MXF, DV, M4V, MPG, WMV, FLV, webM, 3GP, MKV, MP3,FLAC and AAC, helps people backup, manage, and convert camera footage to fit different usages and flawlessly cut, trim, join, add music, transitions, effects, text, etc.


It can be used as the best Video Editor for Mac OS X which can be fully qualified to convert from one format to others with original quality and simple steps. It will give you much simpler videos editing experience on Mac OS!

media megician for mac

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