Import Tivo to WMP- Make TV shows (*.tivo) playable on Windows Media Player 12

In this article, you will learn the best way to import and play TiVo TV shows in Windows Media Palyer 12 without any codec problem. Just follow it. 

Now Windows Media Palyer 12 has built and developed by Microsoft the final version sustain for many more famous audio and video arrangements including 3GP,AVCHD,MPEG4,and WMA, however tivo video is still not includeded.

Play Tivo on Windows Media Player 12

As a matter of fact, it is quite hard to load TiVo videos to Windows Media Palyer 12 because of format incompatibility. No worry. This article discusses an easy way to get TV shows off TiVo and converting TiVo for using in Windows Media Player 12.


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1. Transfer TiVo TV shows to PC


FIRST, if you haven’t got TiVo recordings on your PC, you need to transfer TiVo to your PC first.

Launch TiVo Desktop software on your PC. Connect TiVo to your home network, and then the TiVo Desktop will provide you with a list of shows for transferring to your PC. Then please transfer the TiVo TV shows you want to PC. Once all the shows you selected have been downloaded from your TiVo, they will appear in the Now Playing list in TiVo Desktop. 

Tivo Desktop

2. Download and install TiVo Video Converter to encode TiVo to Windows Media Player 12


In order to add Tivo files to WMP for playback, the most effective and easy way is to convert Tivo to Windows Media Player 12 playable format along with some help from third-party software.


Here, with Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, a great Mac Tivo Converter for Windows Media Player 12, you can easily achieve your goal smoothly. This video app works as the best software to change TiVo to Windows Media Player compatible format with least quality loss. Besides that, you can also convert Tivo recordings to MP4, MOV, AVI, MPG, WVM, etc for easily opening, playing, editing and uploading without any hassle. No worry about any audio/video sync problem. (Here is the review) If you are running on Mac, please turn to its equivalent Mac version.

a. Import TiVo files to the software

Launch the TiVo file converter, click Add button to load your TiVo video files. When first loading, the program will ask you to input your Media Access Key. Simply enter your Media Access Key and click “OK” to confirm. 

Tivo to WMP Converter
Tivo option

b. Chose output format

Click the Format menu, select Windows Media Player 12 friendly format as your output video format. There, you can take WMV as your output video format. If you prefer high definition videos, move your mouse pointer to "HD Video" and then choose HD WMV.

Windows Media Player 12 friendly format

To adjust video and audio parameters like codec, aspect ratio, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate, you could click on "Settings" button.

Windows Media Player 12 video settings

c. Click Convert button to start TiVo conversion with the best TiVo Converter.

Once finished, you can get the output files for via clicking on Open button effortlessly. Afterwards, you can import these files in your Windows Media Player 12 for playing without any limits.


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