iTunes to Xbox 360 - Can Xbox 360 Play iTunes videos?

Is there a way to play iTunes music or videos on Xbox 360? This article offers a simple way to enjoy iTunes music and movies on Xbox easily. 

If you have an iTunes library and want to stream it to your Xbox 360. But you know that songs, videos, movies and television shows purchased or rented from the iTunes Store have Digital Rights Management (DRM) that prevents them from being played on anything but computers, iPods, Apple TVs and iPads. Though Xbox can stream music using Windows Media player or Windows Media Center, it was cumbersome. However, iTunes provides music in non-DRM MP3, M4A, DRM'ed M4P; TV shows & movies in DRM'ed M4V. So you wonder if there is a simple way that you can put iTunes music/video to Xbox 360. 

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When it comes to iTunes videos which are protected by DRM protection, it is impossible to directly play them on Xbox 360. This article aims to offer you a perfect solution to playing iTunes M4V videos on Xbox 360. Well, in order to watch iTunes videos on Xbox 360, you can get Pavtube ChewTune. (Read review) With this program, you can remove iTunes DRM from M4V and convert M4V to MP4 for Xbox 360 in a few mouse clicks. Now download the DRM converter and follow the guide below to perform converting DRM-ed iTunes M4V to DRM-free MP4 for Xbox 360 in a hassle free manner. 

      (Click here for Mac OS X 10.5) 

How to convert iTunes movie to Xbox 360 for playing

Step 1. Import iTunes M4V videos

Run this DRM removal program and click the "Add Video" button or "Add from folder" add the iTunes movies to the program. Besides iTunes M4V, you can also use it to convert Digtial Copy and DRM-ed video/audio files bought from Amazon, BBC iPlayer, Zune, Nokia Music Store, etc.

Step 2. Choose output format

Here you can choose "Common Video" > "H.264 Video(*.mp4)" as the output video format or go to "Zune/Xbox 360 Device" and specify "Xbox 360 HD Video (*.wmv)" as the output format (other Xbox 360 video is also OK). Look at Xbox One supported formats

Step 3.Start removing DRM and converting iTunes M4V to Xbox 360

Click the "Convert" button to begin removing DRM from iTunes videos and converting them to Xbox 360 playable file format. When the conversion completes, you can click "Open" to find the converted DRM-free files. Then connect your Xbox 360 to your computer and transfer them to your Xbox 360 using Windows Media Center. Now you can access iTunes movies from Xbox 360 with ease.Alternative way to stream iTunes to Xbox 360

From a PC

Open iTunes. Select any song from your iTunes. Right-click on the song and select "Show in Windows Explorer." Write down the path from the address bar in Windows Explorer. For example "User > Music > iTunes > iTunes Music > Name of Artist > Name of Song > Name of Album." Close Windows Explorer and iTunes. 

Open Windows Media Player. Scroll down to tasks and go to Settings and Library Setup. Select "Add Folder to Watch." Select "Add folders on this computer" and click "Next."
Navigate to the path from Windows Explorer. Select the folder from the path you wrote down. Select "Next," then "Finish." 

Return to Windows Media Center. All of the music from your iTunes library is now in the Music folder. 

Open the Music Library on the Xbox 360. Select the album. The music from your iTunes library should be there. 

Select a song. Click "Play Song." Now you can listen to music while you play games on your Xbox 360.

From a Mac

Download Connect360. Navigate to the Nullriver website. Click on either the free trial or the paid download. Save to your computer. 

Open the System Preferences panel. Select "Connect360" from the "Other" category. The Connect360 window will appear. Click "Start." Click "Allow" to grant Connect360 permission to do the configuration. Connect360 will catalog your iTunes, iPhoto and Movies folder. Once the configuration is complete, all of your media files should be detected and appear in the Active Services box. 

Turn on your Xbox 360. Sign in with your gamer profile. Connect360 should detect your Xbox 360 and in the Discovered Devices box. 

Go to My Xbox on your Xbox. Go to the Music Library on the Xbox 360 Dashboard and press "A" on the controller. Your Mac will be listed in the available media sources. Select your Mac as the source by pressing the "A" button. You can follow the same steps to access your movies and photos. 

Select a song, photo or video. Scroll through the songs, videos or photos in each library. Select the file you want to access and press "A."

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