3D Experience - Best 2D Blu-ray to 3D Converter for LG 3D TV

Q: Is there any step by step guide that can help me to get the job between 2D Blu-ray to 3D conversion for playing on LG 3D TV? 

LG’s Cinema 3D technology is one of the most immersive and evolved 3D technologies on the market, and the company makes one of the best 3D TVs on the market, the LG LB7200 LED TV. 4K and Full 1920×1080 high definition looks vibrant and 3D content looks clean without many problems like ghosting. Not only does this TV have one of the best display panels, but it is also jam packed with Cinema 3D technology and smart features. The beautiful display suffers a slight downgrade displaying the passive 3D content. Regardless, it is one of the best full HD displays on the market. 

However, the problem is that how can we put 2D Blu-ray to LG 3D TV for playing, maybe it is most people’s trouble. Lots of LG 3D TV owners who want to watch 2D Blu-ray on LG 3D TV don’t know how to do to get the effect. 

In fact, it is a piece of cake as long as you can convert 2D Blu-ray to MP4 SBS 3D video for Sony 3D TV. Some people tried to transfer 2D Blu-ray to USB flash drive for playing, but it ended in failure. How to solve this problem? The best solution is to convert 2D Blu-ray movies to 3D videos in MP4 format which is LG 3D TV best supported format. 

A professional 2D to 3D Blu-ray converter can help you achieve the job easily. Pavtube BDMagic is one of the best 2D to 3D Blu-ray converter which you should never miss. It can easily convert 2D Blu-ray from discs and folders to MP4 Side-by-Side 3D video, which can be played on Sony/LG/Samsung/Panasonic etc 3D TV. You are also allowed to set the 3D depth to adjust the 3D effect. Besides, 3D Blu-ray and standard DVD disc can be converted to MP4 Side-by-Side 3D video, too. Moreover, you are allowed to add subtitles into your 2D Blu-ray movie and save as personal creation for enjoyment. The Windows version can support latest Windows 10 now. Read the review

Note: Pavtube BDMagic for Mac is provided for Mac users. The program has updated to support the newest Mac OS X El Capitan

Free download and install: 


Other Download:

- Pavtube old official address: http://www.pavtube.cn/blu-ray-ripper/
- Cnet Download: http://download.cnet.com/Pavtube-BDMagic/3000-7970_4-75922877.html

Note: The videos BDMagic “Free Trial” version outputs has a little watermark in the middle. If you want a better video effect without watermark, please buy it.

Steps to Convert 2D Blu-ray to MP4 SBS 3D Video for LG 3D TV

Step 1. Load 2D Blu-ray movies

Download the best 2D to 3D Blu-ray Converter, install and launch it on your PC. Then click the "File" > "Load from disc" icon to load source 2D Blu-ray movies from your local computer to the program.

Step 2: Set output format

Click drop-down "Format" and choose the "3D video > MP4 side by side 3D video" as LG 3D TV best format. MKV and AVI are also compatible for LG 3D TV.

Learn more: Differences Between Anaglyph 3D and Side-by-Side 3D

PS. For 2D TV:

You can rip both 2D and 3D Blu-ray to optimized TV profile for having the best playback on 2D TV. Click “Format” and navigate to “TVS” profile. Here lists the main four TV brands for you. Other TV brands can also choose it as output format.

Tip: Click the "Subtitle" tab in "Video Editor" window, check "Enable", then you will be able to add external SRT/ASS/SSA subtitle files to the video as hard subtitles.(Difference between soft subtitles and hard subtitles). 

Step 3: Start to convert 2D to 3D. 

Switch back to the main interface, click the big button "Convert" on bottom-right corner to start conversion. When the process is over, you can find the converted files by clicking the "Open output folder" on the main interface of the program. 

Now, you can transfer the converted 2D Blu-ray in MP4 SBS 3D format to USB Flash Drive, and watch your 2D Blu-ray in MP4 SBS 3D video on LG 3D TV freely via USB port.

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