Convert 2016 Oscars MKV files (DTS audio) and Then Play on LG G5 2016

2016 will be the year 4K goes norm with virtually all high-end smartphones having the ability to shoot 4K video and many TV sets now supporting 4K natively. The latest LG G5 rumors points to the inevitable release in March of 2016. We are expecting to see some huge changes in the overall concept, and one’s that will help the G5 compete with other flagship releases including the Galaxy S7iPhone 7, LG G Flex 2, Galaxy Edge Note 3, Galaxy Note 6, and more from MWC 2016. Well, LG G5 will be a smart choice for watching movies on the go. 

However, You have probably tried put MKV files onto LG G5 at some time, but strangely, some MKV files work and some just don't seem to be playable on the LG G5. "Can LG G5 be able to play the Downloaded 2016 Oscars MKV files?" You’re in the right place! It's refusing to play an MKV file because of the unsupported audio codec in the video file. For your information, an MKV is only a container. Different MKV files tends to contain different video and audio codecs. The MKV files with unsupported audio codec (i.e. MKV DTS files) certainly can't be played on the LG G5. The solution for you is to find a third-party tool to make everything easy. Learn > Difference Between MKV and MP4

To play these video formats on LG G5 without problems, the quick workaround is to count to a popular Pavtube MKV to LG G5 Converter Ultimate(iMedia Converter for Mac is available for Mac users <including El Capitan>) to convert any Oscars MKV Movies to LG G5 supported format. In this way, LG G5 will work well with MKV videos or flash videos download from web, DVD VOB movies, etc. Even Tivo show can be played well on LG G5 by importing Media Access Key to the software and converting to LG G5. 

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is what you are looking for. It supports to convert multiple video formats to another format for popular portable devices. And you can edit the videos such as merge multiple videos into one, trim, crop, add watermarks including image, text and videos and so on. Now, just free download and install the MKV to LG G5 Converter, then follow below detailed guide: 


Other Download:

- Pavtube old official address:
- Cnet Download:

Step 1. Import Oscars MKV files to LG G5 Oscars MKV Converter.

Open the program, click "File" menu, from its drop-down option, select "Add Video/Audio" to load the downloaded Oscars MKV video to the program.

Step 2. Choose output format for LG G5.

Click "Format" dropdown list to choose a compatible format for LG G5. Choose "H.264 HD Video MKV (*.mp4)" under "HD Video MKV" option is friendly to LG G5. H.264 MP4 will create high quality files and generate big file size. If you need a smaller file, "MPEG-4 HD Video MKV (*.mp4)" is also offered. Learn>> Android Tablets and Smartphones Supported Video Formats.

Tips: Click "Settings" button to adjust Oscars MKV and audio parameters like bitrate, size, audio channels, etc to meet your requirement.

Step 3. (Optional) Edit Oscars MKVs.

Click "Edit" icon to edit the Oscars MKVs. You can "Trim" it to cut out the undesired part or cut off the annoying black edges with "Crop" option. Add image, text, or Oscars MKV watermark will help to customize the Oscars MKVs. And so on.

Step 4. Convert Oscars MKV to LG G5.

Click "Convert" button to start converting MKV Movies to LG G5 MP4. If you do not like the default path for output files, you can click "Browse" button to find a new folder before conversion. Once the conversion is finished, click "Open" button to get the generated files quickly.

With it, you can play different Oscars like AVI, VOB, Tivo, M4V, WMV, MPG, FLV, F4V Oscars MKVs with LG G5 smoothly. Copy the generated files to LG G5 and then you can enjoy them whenever you want to without any problem. 

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