Convert AVI files to Sony PS4 With Plex App

SUMMARY: Can't view the AVI files on your PS4? That happens and as common, not only to you! The following article will give an easy solution about AVI to PS4 use Plex App. 

Why Fail to Import AVI to PS4 or Play AVI on PS4 Sometimes? 

Basically, PS4 can recognize AVI videos, well, only in the condition of compressing with the supported codec. According to PlayStation 4 official data, PS4 can play AVI files with the following specification: 

* MPEG4 ASP, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level4.2 
* MP3, AAC LC, AC-3 (Dolby Digital) 

So as for other AVI files, PS4 does not play them at all. 

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Best Workaround - AVI files not working on PS4 via Plex? 

In order to stream AVI files via PS4 without problems, the easy option is to convert AVI to PS4 compatible video files. Along with some help from third party program like Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate, it can be done effortlessly. This video app is professional on fast transcoding AVI to PS4 with MP4 format (the most compatible video format for Plex) without quality loss. In addition, it not only supports AVI videos, but also handles various common video formats, like MXF. MTS, MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV .etc. For Mac users, Pavtube iMedia Converter for Mac is also a helpful app to encode videos for further usage. 

Best AVI to PS4 Convert to Convert unsupported AVI video to PS4 

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is all-in-one video (include AVI) to PS4 media solution with the following functions: 

- Realize MKV to PS4 conversion, AVI to PS3 conversion, H.265 to PS4 conversion, WMV to PS4 conversion, MOV to PS4 conversion, FLV to PS4 conversion, MP4 to PS4 conversion, M4V to PS4 conversion, VOB to PS4 conversion. 
- Rip Blu-ray/DVD to digital PS4 playable file making you play videos with Plex on PS4. 
- Transform unsupported video to PS4 optimized preset format
Compress 4K to 1080p, 720p video for PS4 playback with Plex App. 
- Adjust video/audio bitrate, codec, resolution, etc to compatible with PS4/Plex video playback requirement. 
- Shrink video size to store more videos to NAS for playing on PS4 with Plex. 

In addition, this software is easy to use for anyone because you can know the next step easily from its intuitive interface. And it supports batch conversion so you can batch convert unsupported video to PS4 friendly video format for playback with Plex via NAS. If you just need to Convert video files to your PS4, you can use Pavtube Video Converter (Mac version) to help you convert videos to PS4 to solve “PS4 won’t play AVI” issue on simple ways

Free download and install 


Other Download: 

- Pavtube old official address: 
- Cnet Download: 

Steps guide: Transcode AVI to Sony PS4/PS3 and Play via Plex on NAS 

Step 1: Add unsupported AVI video 

Launch AVI to PS4 converter on computer. Click “File” to load unsupported files your PS4 can’t play to this software. Batch conversion function allows you add more than one unsupported files at a time. 


Step 2: Choose PS4 supported format 

Pavtube AVI to PS4 converter offers users the optimized PS3/PSP format. From “Format” drop-down list, go to choose “PSP/PS3″ > “PS3 Video(1080P) MPEG-4 (*.mp4)” which is also suitable for PS4. 


Tips: Edit Unsupported AVI Files before Converting unsupported video to PS4 Formats 

  • Go to “Merge into one File” tab to merge several videos into single one for PS4.
  • Go to “Edit” tab and open “Crop” “Effect” “Watermark” “Audio” tab to adjust video zoom, adjust image brightness, and add watermark etc. with Videos to PS4 Converter.
  • Go to “Setting” tab to adjust video bitrate/codec/resolution and more.

Step 3: Start AVI video to PS4 conversion. 

When all the settings is done, go back to the main interface and carry out the AVI Video files to PS4 conversion by hitting right-bottom convert button. When the conversion is finished, click the “Open” icon on the main interface to pop out the converted files. 

After re-encode AVI video to PS4 supported video. Add the PS4 supported video files to NAS then stream the AVI video on PS4 with Plex App. 

Additional Tips: Use Plex App for Streaming from your PC to a PlayStation 4 console 

Plex Media Server is a much more media centre-esque way of streaming your media, as it provides a fantastic-looking interface that shows you titles, cast lists, episode descriptions and more. Basically, it's like navigating Netflix – but everything is stored on your home PC. 

Setting up Plex is quite a bit more complex than Universal Media Server, though the visual effects are worth it – and if you want a true media centre experience then Plex is definitely the way to go. 

When it first launched on PS4 and Xbox One you had to be a paying Plex subscriber in order to use the app. However, as of Decemeber, you can now use the Plex app for free! So with that in mind I'd definitely recommend giving this method a go!Install and setup Plex Media Server on your PC 

Setting up Plex should be quite straightforward, as we just need to follow the steps it gives us. To get started, we need to download the application itself – so head on over to the Plex website and download the Plex Media Server application to your computer. Once this is downloaded, open the file to begin the set up.

  • The first screen simply asks us to install, so press the Install button to begin.
  • Confirm the User Account Control box, if it pops up, by pressing either Yes or Continue.
  • Give the installation about a minute or so to proceed.
  • After the installation has been completed it will present a confirmation, so press Launchat this point to begin setting it up.


You should now be taken to your web browser to begin the Plex setup. If it doesn't open automatically, look in your task tray in the bottom corner of your PC (where the time, date, Wi-Fi and other icons are found) and double click the Plex logo. Once the browser is open, it will now begin to take you through the process of adding your media files to your Plex Media Server.

  • First up, you need to agree to the Plex Terms of Service, so hit the Agree button to continue.
  • Now pop in a name for your server, then hit Next to continue.
  • We will now add some 'libraries' to your Plex Media Server. Libraries are collections of music, movies, TV shows, photos or home videos. Press Add library to begin.
  • Choose the library type you want to add from the choice of five types and press Next.


  • Give your new library a name and press Next.
  • Press add folder and select the folder where your chosen media is stored, then pressAdd.
  • You can repeat these steps for each of the libraries you want to add (music, TV shows and so on).
  • Once you have picked some libraries, click Next.
  • You now able to add some Plex 'Channels', like BBC iPlayer, or skip this for now by pressing Next.
  • Your Plex setup should now be complete, so press Done to finish the process.
  • Now Plex needs some time to analyse your library and find all the necessary data to fill it. The amount of time required will depend on how much media you've added to your libraries. Once the analysis is complete, we'll explain how to add a Plex account, making things a bit easier to access from your PlayStation 4.


Using the Plex App 

As of December, you can use the Plex app for free - you no longer need to have a paid Plex subscription to use the app. 

The Plex app is certainly the most elegant way to enjoy your media on the PlayStation 4, as it presents your video library with the great interface Plex is famous for. 

You can browse your TV shows and movies, and Plex will show you all the information and metadata it can find about them: episode description, release year, actors and so on. It will also show you the covers for the shows or movies, a feature that adds even more to the seamless integration. 

The Plex App can be downloaded from the Store on your PS4. Once downloaded, open the app and you're offered the option to pair or sign in. Once you are signed in, you should be able to see your entire library and access it all through the PS4. 



Don't have a PlayStation 4? Or do you have another console you want to get set up and running? Then we've got you covered with guides for each major device – just click the appropriate link for your particular setup: 

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