10 Reliable VLC Alternatives to Play Video on Windows and Mac

VLC as a free, open source multipurpose media player that is sophisticated enough. Despite being free, some features such as the ad-free interface, support for various media formats, media streaming etc make VLC the favourite choice of both common & advanced PC users. However, some of you might be looking for a few effective VLC alternatives as well. Reasons are like those: you may think that VLC is not lightweight enough; or, you may not like design & UI; or you just wanna look for another experience better than VLC offer.

For a good change, we have listed top 10 VLC alternatives for Windows and Mac users to make reference, hope you can find one you desired.


5 Reliable VLC Alternatives for Windows


1. MPlayer

MPlayer is a simple yet great media player that supports more than 192 video and 85 audio codecs natively, which means it'll probably be able to open just about anything you throw at it. Like I said, the interface in MPlayer is not exactly brilliant. It's quite basic, almost minimalist. But the program includes a plethora of great features to make up for it: fast response when playing videos, very low on system resources, support for subtitles, ability to take screenshots and much more, plus an extensive support for keyboard shortcuts.


2. XBMC Media Center

This freeware program is also open source, combining a ton of formats into one easy to use player. This will play DVDs without having to download codecs, and you can change the playback options easily. Stream videos online, too. You can load XBMC on any number of operating systems, including OSX and Linux. Connect your Android device and use it as a remote control, too. XBMC is on several social media platforms and Wikipedia in case you need any technical assistance.


3. GOM Media Player

GOM Media Player is a full-fledged VLC alternative that can support a wide range of media formats, including video and audio. GOM Player will play almost every kind of media file smoothly; even if there’s a requirement of codec download, the player will help you do it, by means of its integrated codec finder. As of now, GOM Media Player offers in-built support for AVI, MKV, FLV, MOV and almost every common media format.


4. Media Player Classic Home Cinema

Designed to have the look and feel of WMP version 6.4, it’s a good program for DVD playback that doesn’t take up a lot of space on your computer. It does not have any additional programs bundled in, so you can install and go, and it works well on older computers, too. You can customize it how you wish, add toolbars, and zoom in on your favorite film. Not only can you play DVDs but you can also play videos in the common formats like Real Video and AVI.


5. 5KPlayer

5KPlayer is a free yet professional all-in-one video/audio player for Windows 10/8/7 and also Mac OS. Built in hundreds of video audio codecs, it enables users to play all multimedia formats, HD videos, and DVDs/ISO file/DVD folder as well. 5KPlayer can free play homemade and commercial DVD movies without any problems, it also support to play 4K 5K UHD videos without any glitches.


5 Reliable VLC Alternatives for Mac


1. Banshee

Banshee is a Linux-inspired player that helps you to organize your music and interact with other users via scrobbling to Last.fm. Banshee plays most popular formats, allows you to rip music from your CDs and create your own audio CDs and MP3s for listening to music stations over the Internet. You can also subscribe to podcasts and download them automatically using Banshee. The Banshee community is quite lively and you can exchange favorite tracks. Its also highly extendible via a comprehensive extensions section that covers everything from Karaoke to a Lyric-finding app.


2. QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is currently the default media player. It is, thus, the most familiar Media players for Mac Users. QuickTime Player allows you to view Internet video, HD movie trailers and personal media in a wide file formats across. This player offers wonderful compatibility while playing videos from hard disk drive and internet both. Play speed can be set from 1/2x to 3x the normal speed. Besides, it also provides the option to view remarkably high quality videos.


3. Movist

Movist is a free, simple yet powerful player for Mac. It supports QuickTime, FFmpeg as well as subtitles. It is easy to use and available to adjust aspect ratios and configure keyboard shortcuts. It could even encode Quicktime and FFmpeg on the fly.


4. ‎DivX

DivX player is just another powerful player for Mac, which is used for HD videos playback like all native DivX videos, MKV and HEVC. This easy-to-use program could be used as a video converter. It is capable to run internet’s most popular formats, including AVI, DIVX, MKV, MP4 and more.


5. Miro

It runs on Microsoft Windows, macOS, FreeBSD and Linux and supports most known video file formats. It offers both audio and video, some in HD quality. Miro plays almost any video or music format and downloads from YouTube, podcasts, Amazon, and bittorrent. You can convert almost any video with Miro into mp4/h264, with presets for almost any device you can think of (including iPhones, iPods, iPads, Android phones, and more).


The Best Alternative to VLC – Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate 


If all above players can't satisfy your demands, you can get Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate. This program has both Windows and Mac version, so you needn't worry about the version issue. Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is the best alternative to VLC media player, performing even better than VLC.

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