The Way to Play and Convert AVCHD Files with VLC

Advanced Video Codec High Definition abbreviated as avchd, is a type of file format that was developed by Panasonic and Sony, and the AVCHD files generally use extensions like MTS and M2TS. VLC comes as a free transcoder and powerful media player which could be the first choice when choosing media player for their PC, Mac or Android mobiles, because of its popularity and compatibility for formats including M2TS and MTS linked to AVCHD footage. However, you still need to convert AVCHD files to common formats like MOV, MP4, MKV, etc if you want to play them on portable devices, or impoting to non-linear editing software.


Part 1. How to Play AVCHD Videos with VLC

Part 2. How to Convert AVCHD Videos with VLC

Part 3. An Alternative Converter to VLC


Part 1. How to Play AVCHD Videos with VLC

Step 1: Download VLC

Download VLC software from Install the downloaded file into your computer and launch the software when installation is complete.


Step 2. Open AVHCD files with VLC

Connect your camera to computer with a FireWire cable that comes with the camera. Turn your camera on, and wait for the computer to detect your camera. On top left corner of this AVCHD player, click “Media”  > “Open File.” Find the file folder that you store your camera AVCHD videos, and select one or several. Then click “Open” on bottom right corner.


Step 3. Watch AVCHD videos with VLC

Once you click “Open” at Step 2, the VLC player will play the selected AVCHD videos automatically.


Part 2. How to Convert AVCHD Videos with VLC

Step 1: Active Open Media Window

Click the tab named "Media" located at the top of the VLC Media player's interface. Select the option "Save/Convert." Proceed to the top left corner of VLC media player and click the "File" tab.


Step 2. Add AVCHD files

Click “Add” to import your desired AVCHD files to VLC player, and then click “Convert/Save” to proceed to “Convert” window.


Step 3. Select a proper output format for AVCHD

On “Convert” window, choose an output video format under “Profile” dropdown list.


Step 4. Save the converted AVCHD files

Click “Browse” to find a destination folder to store the converted AVCHD files, and you can rename the output folder. And then click “Save.”


Step 5. Start converting AVCHD files

After choose an output folder to save the converted AVCHD videos, just click “Start” on the “Convert” window to realize AVHCD conversion.


Part 3. An Alternative Converter to VLC

You can use Pavtube Vdieo Converter Ultimate to convert avchd files instead of using VLC media player. This video converter wins over VLC converter. It stands out from it class which not only play, convert AVCHD files, but also flexibly edit them before conversion. With it, you can play, convert, edit, enhance, capture, AVCHD and transcode them in over 200+ formats for massive devices like iPhone, HUAWEI smartphones, Samsung smartphone, tablets, gamconsole, TV, and more.


Key Features You Must Know


  • All-in-one media player to play almost all kinds of video without formats incompatibility issues.
  • Batch conversion is also available.
  • Convert AVCHD files to over 200+ formats, like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV and more.
  • Copy DVD/Blu-ray movies by passing all copy protection, and transcode them for massive devices.
  • Allows you to customize AVCHD files' parameters, including video and audio bitrate, frame rate, resolution, channel and more.
  • Edit AVCHD files with professional video editing functions, like "Trim", "Crop", "Add Video Effect", "Add Vdieo Text", "Insert SRT/ASS/SSA Subtitles", and more.
  • Has both Windows and Mac version.
  • Welcome to our official web to know more functions.